What’s the meaning of being? We put this question to the artists we collaborate with. We know what they were doing by then, so to be honest, we didn’t expect any answer from them. An answer, two answers, many answers? For us, there’s no answer for it. So what did we await? Perhaps a few guidance? Or better be billboards saying “Welcome”. It’s such a big and broad question and we individuals are comparatively distinctive, thus, how can we put an exhibition based on this philosophical question to you without making no sense. When we were young, what did the zookeeper tell us? “Come and explore, they won’t hurt you.” Just heard a genial welcome and we run into the zoo with curiosity. Likewise, this exhibition is only a tiny pull that leads you into thinking about Being/Dasein. We don’t know if there’s a final response for the question, but we do know everyone has his/her/their own thought.

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